Help Your Patients Keep Their Own Teeth For Longer

Dr Andrew Nichols is an Associate Dentist with a Special Interest in Endodontics based at The Smile Spa in the North East of England.

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You need to refer a patient for RCT, but you:

Dr Andrew Nichols is a highly recommended root canal treatment provider with the skills and experience to save your patients teeth.

What makes Dr Andrew Nichols different?


You can expect clear, timely communication from Andrew and his team. You and your patient will always know what’s going on.


Having saved countless teeth and attained a Masters in Endodontics, you and your patients can be confident Andrew knows what he’s doing.


A dentist is only as good as their tools. That’s why Andrew has invested his own money in advanced, high quality equipment.

"Referring a patient to another dentist requires trust. I will do everything in my power to save your patients' teeth."

Dr Andrew Nichols

Associate Dentist with a Special Interest in Endodontics

Referrals Made Simple

Step 1:

Referring a patient is easy. Simply click on “Refer A Patient” and send us your patient’s details via a secure form. We’ll let you know when we’ve received your referral.

Step 2:

We’ll arrange a date & time for treatment with your patient. We will take care of your patient, make them comfortable, and do everything we can to save their teeth.

Step 3:

Your patient’s tooth will be saved, they’ll be pain-free, and, ultimately, they will love you for referring them to us. Happy patient = happy dentist. Everyone’s a winner!

Case A - Pre Op

Case A - Cone Fit

Case A - Post Op

Case A - 6 Months Follow Up

Treatment Fees


Front Teeth


per tooth

Primary root canal treatment (RCT) including initial assessment* and all radiographs.

*Initial assessment requires a £20 refundable deposit.


Middle Teeth


per tooth

Primary root canal treatment (RCT) including initial assessment* and all radiographs.

*Initial assessment requires a £20 refundable deposit.


Back Teeth


per tooth

Primary root canal treatment (RCT) including initial assessment* and all radiographs.

*Initial assessment requires a £20 refundable deposit.

Do you have any questions about our fees? Get in touch.

Help your patients keep their own teeth for longer.

Within two years of attaining a Masters in Dental Surgery with Distinction, Dr Andrew Nichols began further qualifications at the University of Chester under the mentorship of the SimplyEndo Team. He has now completed a Masters degree in Endodontics with Merit and is looking to further his knowledge in endodontic surgery in the near future.

If you choose to refer your patients into the care of Dr Andrew Nichols, they will be well looked after during their treatment journey. Patient care is at the top of the teams priority list at Dr Andrew Nichols Endodontics, where we have a kind, compassionate dental team from reception staff, dental surgery assistance and the clinician himself. You will be fully informed about the treatment completed, receiving acceptance of the referral notice and full clinical notes and radiographs once treatment is completed. You can expect a high standard of dental treatment carried out by an experienced, skilful team and you will always receive a referral of your patient back to your care once endodontic treatment is completed.

Endodontics is a challenging dental procedure, dealing with bacteria in narrow root canals. Eradication of all bacteria may not possible in every case, meaning the success rate of endodontic treatment cannot be 100%. Dr Andrew Nichols will discuss the estimated success rate on a case by case basis with each patient so that they are able to make an informed decision before proceeding with treatment.

Dr Andrew Nichols uses a range of equipment to perform root canal treatment, including a CJ Optic Flexion Advanced Dental Operating Microscope with Live Camera Feed. For a full list of equipment, visit our equipment page.

Often, after teeth have been damaged extensively enough to require endodontic treatment, they require protective restorations to secure their long term health. Molars will, in almost all cases, require an extra coronal restoration such as a crown or onlay following root canal treatment. Dr Andrew Nichols will routinely refer your patient back to your care for any further treatment such as a crown. If you would prefer all treatment to be carried out by Dr Andrew Nichols, please state so in your referral.

Many patients attend endodontic consultations with fear or anxiety after hearing stories from friends or family about root canal treatment. Modern day endodontic treatment is very comfortable thanks to the use of strong local anaesthetic solutions. Furthermore, the use of rubber dam to isolate the tooth protects your mouth from instruments, water spray and cleaning solutions, providing a barrier from the treatment being carried out. About 50% of my endodontic patients are falling asleep by the end of the appointment because they have become so relaxed.

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