CJ Optic Flexion Advanced Dental Operating Microscope with Live Camera Feed

Significant improvement in vision, magnifying up to 25x with an ultra-bright coaxial light. Quickly takes photos for patient education and treatment explanations.

Visit manufacturer website for full specification.

CBCT Machine at The Smile Spa

Takes 3D images for the location of canals, pathology, and complex canal anatomy – especially in re-treatment cases.

5x Bryant Dental Loupes
Standard magnification for exams and assessments.
B&L Alpha and Beta Heated Obturation Units for Warm Vertical Compaction
Heated GP flows into the complex canal spaces that have not been mechanically prepared by files, allowing less reliance on the endodontic sealer and providing a hermetic seal.
Woodpecker U600 Ultrasonic Unit
Used for location of canals, post removal, and passive ultrasonic irrigation.
Apex ID Electronic Apex Locator
Compact and reliable working length determination.
Hyflex, Trunatomy, Reciproc Blue and Waveone Gold, Protaper Gold File Systems
Multiple file systems are available depending on the root and canal anatomy to safely negotiate curves, remove GP from previously treated teeth, and preserve peri-cervical dentine.
NicTone Rubber Dam
The highest quality rubber dam for excellent tissue retraction, moisture control, and patient protection.
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